Citizens’ Reference Panel on Pharmacare in Canada

Canada's health care system allows Canadians to visit their doctor and obtain medical services free of charge. But when it comes to filling their prescriptions, many uninsured Canadians struggle with the cost.

In October 2016, we invited 35 randomly selected Canadians to meet in Ottawa to consider whether there are better models that can improve access to prescription drugs.

Over five days, this group heard from a range of experts, examined different options, and, together, developed a clear set of recommendations for Canada's health ministers and policy makers.

Download their final report below.

"The Citizens’ Reference Panel on Pharmacare in Canada recommends immediate action to address flaws in the current patchwork of public and private drug coverage. They proposed a vision of prescription drug coverage they believed 'Canadians could be proud of.' Their recommendations are grounded in core principles they felt represented their values as Canadians: that coverage be universal, patient-centred, accountable to the public, evidence-based, and sustainable."

- Peter MacLeod, Chair, Citizens’ Reference Panel on Pharmacare in Canada